The Lord is my shepherd…

This morning I was drawn to Psalm 23. My friend Judy is having brain surgery today. Please pray for her. I think of Psalm 23 often when I think of Judy. Not just because it’s so comforting and powerful to this moment. But she grew up in South Africa on a farm with sheep. She has told me how amusing it is when we pastors try to preach on Psalm 23 without having the “foggiest clue” about sheep or shepherding. Yet this morning I was drawn to Psalm 23. And once again the power of this Psalm profoundly ministered to my soul.

The Lord is my shepherd…

The shepherd leads the sheep. Sheep are not left to their own devices or guesses. But the shepherd leads the sheep to places that will provide for the sheep. As the leader, the shepherd moves at a pace that is good for the sheep– not too fast to run them to exhaustion or too hard to wear them down. And in the shepherd’s kindness, he lovingly corrects the sheep on the journey…those that are running ahead, falling behind, or wandering off.

The destination of the shepherd is always for the best of the sheep— to provide food, water, rest, and protection. The journey, however, may be filled with some treacherous parts along the way as the shepherd leads the sheep to fertile land. Yet the shepherd hand of protection and watchful eye of care is always on them.

The Lord is my shepherd…

Today, I am reminded that I am in the loving care of Jesus, my good shepherd is leading me. My friend Judy, is in the loving care of Jesus, her good shepherd. He is leading. He is guiding. His ever-attentive watchful eye of care and hand of protection is on her.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

Author: ryan b. ingram

Hi, my name is Ryan. I've been married to my incredible wife Jenny since 2002. We have 3 amazing kids who are growing up way too fast. Jenny and I have been leading in the church world for nearly 2 decades together. Our family started out on the wild adventure of planting Awakening Church in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2012. By God's grace, Awakening is a thriving church reaching tons of young people in the heart of one of the least churched places in America. Our journey has been filled with highs and lows, and we want to be able to share the things we've learned along the way. Jenny and I have a passion for reaching this generation and coming alongside leaders.

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